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The Final Day of Our EPIC Road Trip Well that’s it; our EPIC trip has come to an end. The stats look something like this; 2000 miles driven, 36 hours and 32 minutes spent driving, 5 EPIC locations visited; 6 icons of the industry we spent time with, thousands of images captured, and hundreds of memories made by two ecstatic photographers. Words cannot describe how great this trip was so I’m hoping that our images do. Cliff and I will be working on getting those images ready for you and I hope you all come back and check them out. We will let you know when they completed. Until then here are a few images from yesterday.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who spent time on the blog it means the world to me. Please come back and see the entire story!





We made it home.  It was a fantastic journey to Las Vegas and back was filled with inspiration and comradery.  The expo got me fired up to shoot more and inspired me to challenge myself.  We shot every day except during the expo and very little on the drive home.  I think we were pictured out, but we did find some projects to complete at a later date.  Now we must process the thousands of images we took and get them out to the world to be admired and worshiped, OK, maybe just appreciated and enjoyed, but you get the point.  We do this for us but the true joy is in sharing the treasures we discovered.  Thank you for enjoying our passion!


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Day 7 of Our EPIC Photo Trip Its almost over ladies and gentleman and its been an amazing ride; and today has been by far the most EPIC one as well as the longest. We got up this morning at six, and drove 2 ½ hours to Antelope Canyons in Arizona. If you have never been there it’s a long hot drive and you change time zones twice (seriously). We then boarded our custom built truck and drove through the bumpiest road I have ever been on; I was thrown from my seat probably 15 times. But I have to admit the rollercoaster drive in was worth every broken vertebrate. After we finally reached our destination we spent the next 2 hours in the canyons in this world wind of a photo tour. Our guide Ron was pretty awesome and he was great at blocking other tours from getting in our way so we can get some great images.

After we were done breathing in 10 pounds of dirt in the canyons and that amazing roller coaster ride back, we took the 5 hour drive back to Nelson to get some light painting and Milky way images. We luckily pulled into nelson with 15 minutes to spare before they closed. We then spent the next 3 hours shooting images and it was great! I have to admit today was awesome and we got some great images, but im exhausted!

I hope you guys enjoy these images and I cant wait to upload all the images we got from the trip and share them with you!

Thank you again so much for following us on this great trip!!





Today started too early!  It was the most epic day of our epic trip.  This week has been the most amazing experience.  If my brain was working I could tell you epic tales about today's travels, but it has shut off in a quite epic fashion. I can tell because I keep epically repeating the word epic. Tomorrow is the final epic leg of our epic journey. Good night. Epic!


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Day 6 of Our EPIC Photo Trip Is it really Day 6?!! Once again thank you so much for coming back every day and checking out our work. It has been extremely humbling and I can’t wait to post everything from the trip.

Well today started off like the last two with more workshops. They were all about video and Ill tell you what; it was extremely motivating and it has a million ideas running through my mind for Snapshot videos so look for those in the near future.

After the conference Cliff and I jumped back in the car for the 3 hour drive to Zion National Park. Honestly I could spend a week alone in this place shooting, but unfortunately we only had part of today and tonight. I got some images, but not enough time to get everything I wanted unfortunately.

Im super excited about tomorrow. We are headed to Antelope canyon in the morning and then back to Nelson Nevada for some more light painting. So come back tomorrow for some of those images!

Well these lazy guys finally showed up today to shoot with us, and all they were there for was entering and leaving the park.

Thanks again for checking out the blog and see you tomorrow!!




We wrapped up the expo with a couple sessions about creating video that got us energized to the point we are talking about projects that we can do to teach ourselves how to do it.  Education through trial and error.  I am expecting lots of errors before the trial, and we will be found guilty of practicing videography without a clue.  
We tried to get some milky way images tonight but the damned sun and moon will not cooperate.  I am boycotting the moon from here on.  Tomorrow is Antelope Canyon!  That will be epic.  It is late and I am ready for the short (2.5 hours) to the canyon and then back to fabulous Nelson Nevada.  Expect some great images.
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Day 5 of Our EPIC Photo Trip Once again thank you so much for stopping by; it means the world to me. Well today was another big day of learning and inspiring. I have to admit that out of the 5 workshops we saw today Peter Hurley, Joe McNally, and Jay Maisel were amazing! I have admired Joe McNally since I picked up the camera. The man is just amazing and every time I see his work or hear him speak a fire is lit inside me that I can't explain! I actually think I may have converted Cliff to wanting to be a Nikon shooter after making him watch Joe. Also listening to Jay Maisel and looking at his iconic images was unbelievably humbled and speechless. It seriously has me sleepless and wanting to grab my camera and start making some amazing images!!!

If the day had ended here it would have lived up to its title of being EPIC, but at 8 o'clock an other icon hit the stage; Gregory Heisler. This man, in my opinion, is the Ansel Adams/ Henri Cartier-Bresson of Portraiture. And to listen to him live speak about his life and imagery was unexplainable!

As if that wasn't enough for the day we attended Midnight Madness, which was really at 10. This is where the allow about 200 people in and play games and you get some free swag. Cliff and I go every year for the free swag. And this year I won a gift card!

Well that ended our EPIC day. Tomorrow we will finish off the conference early after noon and start the trek to Zion National Park. Sorry there weren't any pictures taken today of people talking, but the images we have posted are more from the workshop on Monday. We hope you enjoy them.




Today was a busy day!  Got up early (too early) to get tickets to Midnight Madness. It had better be worth it or I'm walking home. Scotty dragged me to two, count them two Joe McNally sessions. I am now a McNally convert. The next thing you know I'll be selling my Canon gear to buy Nikon!  NO!!! I have to draw the line somewhere. Today has been an amazing day in photography for me. I am energized and motivated to take my art to the next level. 

Next up, is an evening with Gregory Heisler and then Midnight Madness. Oh yeah, then sleep. Blessed sleep. 
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Day 4 of Our EPIC Photo Trip Hello Everyone!!

Well Last night was just short of amazing. Dave Black is a great teacher and we had a blast at the light painting workshop!!

Today was the official first day of Photoshop World conference and so far it was a pretty good day. I do have to say we have been attending for the last three years and if you ask me attendance has really dropped in the past two years. So I dont know whats going to happen next year. Our first seminar was with Dave Black who we had the workshop with last night and he is always a good speaker. The second speaker was a little disappointing, but that's ok you can’t win them all. We saw another interesting one after that with Dave Black which was pretty inspiring, but my favorite was the last one with one of my favorite photographers Tim Wallace. His workshops are always so inspiring and insightful. So all in all the day was pretty good! Tomorrow is another full day of workshops and learning So we are looking forward to that.

The images we uploaded today are from last night’s light painting work shop with Dave Black. Cliff and I have done a lot of light painting before, but this workshop taught us a few things we didn’t know and also showed us a really cool place to visit that we are planning on stopping at on the way home. This image (below) is what we saw in the day light; we then waited until the sun went down and it was pitch black and we added the light you see by painting it in with flash lights (second image).

Also we can’t forget about these two… Always causing trouble, and really lazy. They don’t even pull their own weight; it’s like Cliff and I are constantly carrying them around.




First day of the Expo and it all started with a line.  I missed the first half of the keynote address waiting in line to have my camera sensor cleaned by canon for free.  BUT, I got my camera cleaned!  For FREE!!!  We went to two of Dave Black’s sessions and they were both great. The last session of the day was stellar, a panel of three photographers giving pointers on going pro.  I ran into Peter Hurley and showed him a headshot one of my students did of me in his style.  He thanked me for sharing the story with him.  I love this expo for experiences like that. With that said, if this trip ended tomorrow it would have been a fantastic trip, BUT wait there’s more!  Another day of the expo and Antelope Canyon and I’m trying to stay in the moment.  I hope you are enjoying our images so far and the rest when this whole thing is over.


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Day 3 of Our EPIC Photo Trip Well day three is in the books and it was an early one. We woke up at 2am to head to Red Rock Canyon to see if we could get some Milky Way images, well that didn’t work out so well. We got out there and it was pretty hazy and the moon was to bright even after it had gone down. So we decided to settle for some sunrise instead. Not to impressed with the sunrise, but we did get some images of the canyon and even a short time laps of it.

Tonight we are having a precon workshop with Dave Black which both Cliff and I have been looking forward to very much. So stay tuned tomorrow to see those images!

After registration for the conference I sat down at a The Big Bang Theory slot machine (which I never play), but really like the show so put in a few dollars into the machine and after one spin got $43 so I cashed out and walked away! BAZINGA!! I know it’s not much, but it was free cash and I’m always up for that.

I really want to thank everyone for following us on our journey it really means a lot. See you all tomorrow for our next post.




We started out at 2:00 AM this morning sitting in the dark in Red Rock Canyon waiting for the sun to come up.  By the way it was about 250 degrees and the air is so thin I sound like I just ran up 37 flights of stairs.  Tonight is the big night; we get to attend a workshop led by Dave Black.  I have been an admirer of his photography for a few years now and I have talked with him before, but now I get to “sit at his feet” and partake of his photographic wisdom.  We still have some pretty cool events planned for the next few days, but tonight has been much anticipated.  As for Scotty I have dedicated myself to be the lead weight on his balloon of life.  He is a real trooper dragging my dead weight all over the place, all in the name of photography.  Tomorrow is a full day!


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Day 2 of Our EPIC Photo Trip Hello and welcome back! Thanks again for checking out our blog and our adventure.

Well to continue our story; we woke up this morning at 3am and packed the car to head back to Mono Lake. The hotel we stayed in (which will remain nameless) was very worthy of its extravagant 2 star status on yelp. Not only did the A/C not work, the front door kept opening on its own; oh and the toilet was pretty much just a hole in the floor. I almost had to help Cliff up off the ground after he used it. We got to Mono Lake and were a little bummed that we hadn’t gotten there sooner, because we missed some great Milky Way images by about 20 minutes. It was so nice that you could see the Milky Way with your naked eye; and that is the only thing Ill permit Cliff to having naked this entire trip! After we set up and did some light painting of the Tufas we waited for the sun to come up. I have to admit I was a tad disappointed in the sunrise, but we still got some good images.

We left Mono Lake and headed for breakfast; in case anyone is wondering 6:30 in the morning is too early for the town of Lee Vining because they didn’t have a single place open, not even the gas station. After we finally found some where to eat we headed on the longest drive ever on the longest road ever (ok that may be a slight exaggeration, but I doubt it). Anyways after what seemed like forever we finally reached Las Vegas.

Tomorrow we will be headed out to Red Rock Canyon and then we have a light painting workshop with Dave Black. I really hope you enjoy our images and we look forward to having you back tomorrow!


P.S. I wanted to introduce you to our travel buddies; Jayne and Mycroft. Look for more images of this handsome duo.



We have named this trip the Epic Photo Tour and so far it is living up to its name.  I have taken a few hundred images and I can’t wait to share them.  I can’t believe how much fun this is and I am looking forward to the next five-plus days despite our lack of sleep and Scotty complaining about my DJ skills.



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Day 1 of Our EPIC Photo Trip I want to start off by saying if you are reading this; thank you I really appreciate it. Well Cliff and I started our journey today. It didnt start off well because we stopped at the store to get some ice and bug spray and well someone backed into my car and left a huge scratch, but since Cliff and I aren’t scared we just pretended like it didn’t happen and we just rolled on! Our first stop today was Bodie Ghost town. It was fun to see the location, but the air is WAY too thin for this obvious runner ;) . After we left Bodie we headed to Mono Lake to catch the sunset. Tomorrow we are headed back to Mono Lake for sunrise and then Red Rock Canyon. I hope you enjoy these two images; there will be more tomorrow and a gallery of everything from the trip after we get back. Thanks again and see you tomorrow!



Hey everybody Scotty didn’t lose me; my wife can sleep well tonight.


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Countdown to our Epic Photo Trip Countdown to our EPIC Photo Trip... Stay tuned....


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WELCOME TO MY BLOG Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I originally had no intention of writing a blog, but some people have mentioned that they wanted to follow Cliff and I on your EPIC Photo trip to Photoshop world in Las Vegas this year so here we are. Our trip starts July 16th and ends July 23rd. Cliff and I are planning on hopefully uploading at least one post a day during the trip, hopefully that will happen. Anyways until then please check out my current images on my site and also check out my friend Cliff's site I hope to see you back during my trip and please feel free to comment on the posts.

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