Day 4 of Our EPIC Photo Trip

July 19, 2016  •  2 Comments

Hello Everyone!!

Well Last night was just short of amazing. Dave Black is a great teacher and we had a blast at the light painting workshop!!

Today was the official first day of Photoshop World conference and so far it was a pretty good day. I do have to say we have been attending for the last three years and if you ask me attendance has really dropped in the past two years. So I dont know whats going to happen next year. Our first seminar was with Dave Black who we had the workshop with last night and he is always a good speaker. The second speaker was a little disappointing, but that's ok you can’t win them all. We saw another interesting one after that with Dave Black which was pretty inspiring, but my favorite was the last one with one of my favorite photographers Tim Wallace. His workshops are always so inspiring and insightful. So all in all the day was pretty good! Tomorrow is another full day of workshops and learning So we are looking forward to that.

The images we uploaded today are from last night’s light painting work shop with Dave Black. Cliff and I have done a lot of light painting before, but this workshop taught us a few things we didn’t know and also showed us a really cool place to visit that we are planning on stopping at on the way home. This image (below) is what we saw in the day light; we then waited until the sun went down and it was pitch black and we added the light you see by painting it in with flash lights (second image).

Also we can’t forget about these two… Always causing trouble, and really lazy. They don’t even pull their own weight; it’s like Cliff and I are constantly carrying them around.




First day of the Expo and it all started with a line.  I missed the first half of the keynote address waiting in line to have my camera sensor cleaned by canon for free.  BUT, I got my camera cleaned!  For FREE!!!  We went to two of Dave Black’s sessions and they were both great. The last session of the day was stellar, a panel of three photographers giving pointers on going pro.  I ran into Peter Hurley and showed him a headshot one of my students did of me in his style.  He thanked me for sharing the story with him.  I love this expo for experiences like that. With that said, if this trip ended tomorrow it would have been a fantastic trip, BUT wait there’s more!  Another day of the expo and Antelope Canyon and I’m trying to stay in the moment.  I hope you are enjoying our images so far and the rest when this whole thing is over.



love the photos where you added light, you are both amazing. Can't wait to see more.
Liz Fitz(non-registered)
These are really good pictures.. I love old car parts.
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